Get Spin out of Afghanistan

Posted: August 27, 2010 in Animals, Unfortunate Events
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Meet Spin
This is Spin. Spin not only had the misfortune of being born onto the streets of Southern Afghanistan but he was also born profoundly deaf. At some point someone got hold of Spin and cut off his ears and tail as from first glance he would had been a good dog for fighting. Obviously, whoever did this realised at some point that Spin would be no good for fighting because he is deaf and he ended up back on the streets. Spin did get lucky in the end and he came across Jim. Jim fell instantly in love with Spin and has protected and cared for him ever since. However, Jim will be leaving Afghanistan soon and leaving Spin behind is just not an option. With his deafness he will never survive so please help us to send Spin back to the US with his owner so he can live a long happy life of safety.
As of this writing, 39% of the funds were raised.  Every little bit helps.  I find that I have more love than money, but I can go without my morning caffeine for a few days and give to the fund.
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