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35-year-old Eric Vieau of Green Bay died at 9:30 a.m. Thursday, June 3rd. Married one year ago, he leaves behind his wife and best friend, Jill.  

Vieau’s family wants everyone to remember his face — remember a man who loved life.

“Eric was a charismatic, funny, charming, and loving person who was so full of life,” brother Nikolaus Vincent said. “He’s a true and loyal person.”

“His free time was spent in his garage working on his latest project, or with his wife and family,” Vincent said.

Mao Xiong (left) still at large, Aaron Lalbachan (right) has already been arrested

 Mao Tsetung Xiong (left) stabbed and killed Eric at 1:40am after both were seen at the Cock & Bull.  He is Asian, 5’6″ tall, and weighs about 150 pounds.  Mao Xiong has a criminal history and is a registered sex offender.  He may be driving a black Acura with Wisconsin license plate 404-PET or a gray Lexus SUV, license unknown.  [updated 6/7: the Press Gazette says the gray Lexus’ owner came forward to Milwaukee police and is not of interest anymore, but residents should still be on the lookout for a black Acura. Xiong is considered armed and dangerous.]
**If you have any information, contact the Green Bay Police Department at 448-3208.**
Green Bay Police issued a felony warrent for Mao Xiong for the charge of 1st degree intentional homicide. Xiong is still at large and has many friends and family in this area and the extended region.


I love Peonies!  These are so bright and so vivid they just seem to jump right out at you!!!

Iris and shasta daisies

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I have so many Shasta Daisies coming up that I don’t know what to do with… except look at them and enjoy them!